Sonographers Work Hard For Their Money


Has anyone seen the 2018 SDMS recently released Sonographer Salary Reports? ? I love when these reports come out, here’s why.

I was working for a cardiology office as a Technical Director, and we were currently looking to hire another Sonographer and the practice administrator of the office, Alex (named changed for future book purposes), she asked  me to sit in and help with  the interviews.  After interviewing four people one right after the other all asking for around the same amount within each of them as well as my salary, I ask Alex “Who’s the lucky candidate?”, She tells me none of them because they all are asking for too much money. I knew Alex already thought I made “too much” money because I heard her one time talking to the office manager, Stephanie (name also changed) about how she has to hire another sonographer and her exact words was “they’re so expensive”.   Needless to say that didn’t make things any easier for me with Stephanie as we already butt heads, because she wanted to be in control of everyone and everything including me.  I did not even know what to say to Alex’s response so I went home for the day and thought about it. The next day I showed her a copy of a salary report for sonographer’s that I found online, trying to show her this was a guide sonographer’s use to determine the range of compensation we deserve in our field.  Well that was a mistake because she misinterpreted my gesture as though I was asking for a raise!

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Two weeks later she brings in another candidate and during the interview process the candidate and I realize we have a mutual acquaintance that I have worked with in the past.  After a great interview, Alex was excited as she made an offer and it was accepted.

After Two more weeks go by  I ask when our new employee was set to start,  I received a not so nice reply from Alex  that our new candidate had a change of heart and will no longer be  accepting the position, in that same reply she accused me of calling the candidate up and talking about compensation with the candidate that she believed was the reason the candidate was no longer interested, she then went on to say  from that point on she was going to be conducting the interviews on her own and that  I would no longer be involved.

Well of course that never happened, I don’t talk compensation even with people I know better than I did that candidate,  but the fact of the matter is due to the technical nature of the job, diagnostic medical sonographers earn more than those in many other health care support-related jobs. What’s misunderstood is how education and credentials play a compensatory role in the sonography industry as well as experience.  The U.S. Department of Labor1 projects the employment of diagnostic medical sonographers will grow 17 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. As imaging technology evolves, medical facilities will continue to use ultrasound to replace more invasive and costly procedures.

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Although compensation is important because of the need to survive today, when you work long enough in our profession some would agree with Walt Disney when he states “you reach a point where you don’t work for money” and that’s the progress for success.

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