Those that know, Do. Those that understand, Teach. ~Aristotle

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My last blog was for students, but today I want to talk about Sonographer’s who teach these students or who train the new Sonographer’s to work with them in their facility.  I’ve seen this go both ways, I’ve seen students who fail or don’t learn as much because they are stuck in a facility or with Sonographers who lack  confidence and/or  the patience to teach students, or maybe the Sonographers who are not happy in their jobs find it difficult to teach/train with passion.  I’ve seen new sonographer’s  get set up for failure because of the lack of training they have received.

There are Sonographer’s out there who are unfortunately skeptical to train because they have a preconceived notion that they are training their replacement.  This too is a form of self confidence, but what if you looked at it in a more positive way.  What if you looked at it as showing this student everything you know because A, you learn as you teach,  B, you look good in the end, and C, you now have someone who considers you a mentor for life.  For instance take my friend Madge, whom I mentioned in my “Calling All Sonography Students” blog.  I had about five other Sonographers’ to follow and learn from at the hospital I did my clinical rotation at.  Madge was the one I prefer to write about, as she is the one I chose to follow the most.  She taught me everything I needed to know to be able to graduate( with honors) and to be able to land a job at her facility  working and paid as a student Sonographer, which ultimately led to a full time position there.  Thanks to Madge I was able to start my career on solid ground.


You know the saying “See one, do one, teach one”?  This is the best rule of thumb for helping others to learn.  First, show them how it’s done, Then, assign them a task so they can do it themselves, Lastly, put them in a position to teach another person.

My point is if you look at teaching or training in a different perspective for yourself you never know where it can lead or how it truly affects the person you are training, not to mention the  morals you take away from it.  We often do things that require us to go above and beyond and then we get disappointed when we are not compensated or get anything in return for our efforts.  However, if we can learn to do things without expecting anything in return then we would never be disappointed.


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