Why I am here for You

Hi, My name is Stacy. I’ve been a Sonographer now for a decade and a half and I have that many years of notes that I recently started putting together to form a book. Although saving lives is very important and taking pride in that is just as important, what happens in between doing that is what’s never discussed. What happens when you don’t have the confidence? Or when you deal with every day struggles on the job that causes stress, which can lead to so many different outcomes as a Sonographer. Maybe you made a mistake and got written up or fired? Maybe you’re being bullied by someone and your just going through your workflow to get through the day. Here is your safe place. To talk about all the things we don’t, or can’t because no one is listening or doing anything about it. Here is where you can learn how to professionally deal with those work struggles whether it’s a coworker or a manager you struggle with or your scanning in pain or maybe your at a crossroads in your career and you just can’t decide which way to go. Why here? Because trust me when I say I’ve been through it ALL. My book talks about a few of these topics and so much more and this is the place we can talk about it together. So come on, join me, I’m happy to have you here.


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